Healing Circle Hypnotherapy

Healing Circle Hypnotherapy

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Marketing consultations

For other hypnotherapists, massage therapists and health professionals:

Do you want to get more clients, make more money, help more people? I can help.

Market My Practice

Let's connect via phone, internet or in person and we'll dissect your business, set practical goals and make a roadmap for you to meet those goals. A combination of practical marketing and mindful manifestation. Contact me for more info. Included is a copy of Market my Practice.

I also offer speaking and presentation coaching.

Have a radio or TV interview or public presentation to give that is scaring the crap out of you? I can help with that. As a former actor and guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows, I can help you find your voice, hone your message, even find more gigs. I'd love to help! Shoot me an email and we'll customize a program just for you. Whether it's one hour or one year, we'll get you to a professional level and out in the world of media.

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